Shaolin Kung Fu San Francisco


Shaolin Wudang Association is located in San Francisco and teaches original Shaolin Kung Fu and martial arts including Northern Shaolin, Hung Gar (Southern Shaolin), Wing Chun, Tai Chi, weapons training, forms, physical conditioning and Zen.


Grandmaster H.L. Schauer, one of the world’s leading experts in several Kung Fu systems, Zen (Ch’an), and Taoism, founded the Shaolin Wudang Association in 1980 to provide balanced training for cultivating mind, body, and spirit through the integrated practice of these outwardly different but inwardly identical practices.

Training Encompasses…

Martial Art *
Complete Kung Fu systems, including striking, blocking, Chin Na (grappling and throwing), falling, vital points, forms, weapons, and sparring. (view all kung fu systems)

Physical Conditioning *
Includes flexibility, strength, and endurance training that is often combined with fundamental coordination and martial art skills.

Chi Kung (Energy Cultivation) *
Integration of mind and breath with postures and movements, for improving health and developing advanced martial art skills.

Meditation *
Calming the mind and body, improving concentration and awareness, and promoting true spiritual awakening.

Healing *
Includes nutrition, herbs, massage, and acupressure.

Way of Life *
Our practice encourages developing a way of life that promotes harmony, empowerment, and compassion.

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