Kung Fu Systems

Complete, Traditional Kung Fu Systems *
Beginner through master-level training is available in each of
the following systems:

– Wing Chun teaches the healthy and efficient use of the body through mild yet energetic positions and movements. Martial art skills focus on economy of motion, small-movement power, and suppleness.

– Tai Chi is characterized by mild postures and movements that promote tranquillity while gently stretching and toning the body. The flowing movements of Tai Chi require little strength to overcome a larger or stronger opponent. Pa Kua and Hsing I is included in the curriculum.

– Northern Shaolin stretches and tones the whole body through full range postures and movements. Dynamic and graceful hand and foot techniques include many high kicks, jumps, and low leg sweeps.

– Hung Gar (Southern Shaolin) develops strength through dynamic tension and stance training. Power and skill is cultivated through the five animal forms which contain many hand techniques.

Hung Gar Hand Sets *

Arrow Hand
Lau Gar Kuen
Kung Gee Fook Fu
Tiger and Crane
Tiger and Crane Sparring
Five Animals, Five Elements
Butterfly Palm
Four Gates Sparring
Iron Wire
Tiger Iron Palm Technique
Plum Flower
Lau Gar Palm

Hung Gar Weapons *

Monkey Staff
Lau Gar Long Staff
Butterfly Swords
Kunlun Straight Sword
Plum Flower Spear
Chai Yang Guan Do
Plum Flower Chain Whip
Hunting Tiger Trident
Round Shield & Butterfly Sword
Eight Triagrams Staff
Thunder Hoe
Plum Flower Double Chain Whip
Monk Crescent-Moon Spade
Soldier’s Saber
Double Tiger-Head Shield
Dragon-Head Wood Bench
Double Gen Butterfly Swords vs Staff
Empty Hand vs Butterfly Swords
Coiled Dragon Butterfly Swords
Double Headed Dragon Chain Whip
Nine Pointed Rake
Double Daggers

Northern Shaolin Hand Sets *

Lin Bo Kuen
Tom Tui
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #1 – Koy Moon
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #2 – Leng Low
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #3 – Jou Mah
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #4 – Chum Sam
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #5 – Mo I
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #6 – Tun Da
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #7 – Moi Fa
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #8 – Bot Bo
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #9 – Lien Wan
Siu Lum (Shaolin) #10 – Sik Fot
Two Person Hand Sparring
Cha Kuen
Look Hop Kuen
Eighteen Deadly Hands
Eight Section Brocade
Iron Palm Technique
Siu Lum Internal Power
Iron Body Breathing Technique
Praying Mantis
Bong Bo
Bak Yuen Tao Toe
Sap Ji Ban Da

Northern Shaolin Weapons *

Nine Province Short Staff
Shaolin Broadsword
Dragon Movement Straight Sword
Shaolin Spear
Spring Autumn Guan Do
Double Daggers
Dragon Head Walking Cane
Two Person Staff Sparring
Twin Flying Dragons Straight Sword
Five Tigers Catch the Lamb Staff
Three-Section Staff
Double Broadswords
Lok Hop (Six Harmonies) Spear
Lok Hop (Six Harmonies) Broadsword
Two Section Staff
Horse Knife
Spinning Chain Whip on the Ground
Hook Blade Spear Double Tiger-Head Hook Swords
Guan Do vs Spear
Broadsword vs Spear
Three-Section Staff vs Spear
Empty Hand vs Double Daggers

Wing Chun Curriculum *

Siu Neem Tao
Cham Kiu
Biu Tsee
Wooden Dummy Form
Butterfly Swords
Long Pole
Applications and Chi Sau
Iron Hand
Wing Chun Chi Kung

Tai Chi Curriculum *

Yang Form
Yang Broadsword
Tai Yu Sword
Sun Form
Sun Style Sword
Tai Chi Sparring Set
Push Hands

Xing Yi Chuan *

Five Element Fist
Continuous Five Elements
Hawk’s Eight Step
Twelve Animals
Twelve Animals Combined
Five Element Sparring Set

Dragon Ba Gua *

Palm Changes
Animal Forms
Ba Gua Straight Sword

7 thoughts on “Kung Fu Systems

  1. HI,
    I work nights, and usually only have Monday and Wednesday off. I’ve been wanting to take kung fu, but it seems it is very difficult to find afternoon classes. Does your school offer any? If not, any suggestions?

    Frank Wood

  2. Paul Julio I moved from Brazil to America I used to be a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I want to Navy SEALs 1983 when I got out of Navy SEALs became a cop in San Jose . and the sad story is I was on a routine beat watch when I spotted 3 Chinese mafia suspects drug dealing . when I made an attempt to make an arrest I got attacked it happened so fast I’m
    lucky to be alive thanks to my partner Jim Mason look I’m looking for martial arts skills that would help me out on the streets thank you please write back

  3. I learned Lian Bu, Ton Toi, Silums 6, 7, 8, 4, 5, Provinces Staff, Broadsword, Spear, and Dragon Sword, twenty years ago, and then stopped. I’ve relearned all but Silum 5 in the past 1 1/2 years, and would like to finish the system. My original teachers were students of Master Wing Lam, but they no longer teach this system. Does you teaching follow this lineage?

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